A Charter for Norfolk Enterprise

28 February 2019

A Charter has been created by top business leaders in Norfolk aiming to utilise the wonderful natural space Norfolk provides us through promoting sustainable and unique work & life choices. 


From left to right:
Mark Fisher (Vistage Group Chair), Pete Floyd (Risk & Policy Analysts), Julia Devonshire (NEF), Matt Cater (Cater Cunningham), Emily Groves (Indigo Swan Ltd), Mark Lapping (NEF), Libby Brown (NEF), George Freeman (MP), Chris Starkie (New Anglia LEP) 


This month top business leaders from the Norfolk area met together to launch the ‘Charter for Small & Medium Sized (SMEs) in Norfolk’. This launch is incredibly integral for enhancing Norfolks economy and increasing the wellbeing of the local business community. The charter was a response to the workshop A Charter for Norfolk Enterprise at the first ever annual Norfolk Enterprise Festival last year. Attendees voted on their main concerns surrounding the economy in Norfolk, with the top issues being the physical and mental isolation local business owners feel within the county.  


The charter includes a 3-year vision to combat these issues with the following aims: 


  1. Enhance sharing: the SME community proactively communicating, collaborating & sharing knowledge & ideas to support each other 
  1. Supportive Ecosystem: an ecosystem which invests time & money into resources to help ambitious SMEs prosper whilst protecting our natural resources 
  1. Happiness First: where SME success is evidenced by financial growth, reduced unemployment, reduced isolation & enhanced wellbeing 


Norfolk Enterprise Festival co-founder and MP for mid-Norfolk George Freeman, stated that ‘this Charter is a clear and powerful Prospectus for better supporting enterprise in Norfolk. My commitment as Festival co-founder is to take this message to the corridors of power’.   


As well as the Charter’s goals being promoted through the strategic work of the Norfolk Enterprise Festival and Mr Freeman’s political campaigns, the business leaders involved wish to focus their efforts on improving SME culture and connectivity within Norfolk. Emily Groves, founder and managing director of IndigoSwanexplains that ‘the happiness first philosophy makes perfect sense. If we focus on empowering our business leaders, sharing world class inspiration and collaborating with the immense talent we have within the region we’ll create a momentum for change’.  


The Charter celebrates the wonderful natural surrounding that Norfolk provides; a fertile environment for a well-balanced work & life ratio. If our businesses can prosper here through increased infrastructure, opportunity and communication, Norfolk will be an ideal county for a business owner looking to combine success with happiness. The Norfolk Enterprise Festival is a core driver to deliver these changes. 


This year the festival will take place on Saturday the 13th July at Hoveton Hall. The NEF aims to ‘brings SME leaders together so they can support each other and build a community that cares and exploits the work and life choice that Norfolk offers’ (Mark Fisher, Vistage Group Chair (Norfolk).


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